Datatek is uniquely positioned via intellectual capital, financial capital, and qualified Cyber-Security personnel dating back to 1996. Utilizing state-of-the-art Cyber Security technologies such as Cisco Meraki, Avig Security Cameras, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, and CCure, and more. Cloud based real-time security hardware & software solutions has proved an invaluable tool for all security threats. And, we actually can be proactive up to the second for global threats both physical and cybersecurity. Having years of experience and working with firms on applications for and successful procurement of Cyber Security grants



As the enterprise world grows and changes, your security teams are under pressure to help your organization stay competitive, yet protected. Your role is not just to protect your data but to move your organization forward and drive results.

Through many years of experience DATATEK Security Services has developed proven processes for the delivery of successful F5 projects across all sectors. Skilled consultants are 100 percent dedicated to designing, deploying, and supporting mission-critical F5 solutions. These consultants, systems, and processes have been optimized to support complex infrastructures that enable the enterprise.


As the threat landscape evolves with escalating speed, it takes smart cyber security company to successfully protect your business. With the right combination of cyber security services and information security technology, you can operate more successfully in a world where everything is increasingly linked together.

Choosing the right cyber security services partner is critical. You need a resource with deep expertise in protecting your company against a growing universe of threats. You need a partner with abroad experience to fill in whatever gaps exist in your security capabilities and know-how along with comprehensive connections to cyber security companies that enable you to put together the perfect combination of defenses for your unique security challenges facing your enterprise.


Piracy is growing at rapid speeds reaching unprecedented levels. Multiple worldwide organizations are doing their part to increase the safety of masters, ship owners and companies. DATATEK Security can ensure the peace of mind of their clients at sea Whether for the merchant navy or your private yacht, our security’s maritime professionals have you covered.

We provide security onboard and in harbors around the world. Our multi-lingual maritime security operators have extensive training in maritime security and adhere to all international maritime standards. We have contacts in every international harbor making each embarking/disembarking a seamless experience.


Government networks and critical infrastructure around the world are under a consistent state of attack. However, the nature of the threats is anything but constant. Attacks evolve on a daily basis as hacktivists, nation states and cyber criminals task the people, processes and technologies that make up government cyber defenses to their breaking points. It is time to take the advantage away from the adversary with the help of the security industry’s most robust suite of government solutions. Datatek is dedicated to providing up scale government security solutions.

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